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Is artificial intelligence taking over our lives? Mostly everything we encounter includes machine learning.

The Reality of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has infiltrated into many parts of our lives: entertainment, education, applying for a job, and even the self-check out line. Now, AI has taken over a field that used to be comprised of instruments and “big band” sounds in the 1940’s. As time moves on, prompt and efficient production is more important than creating a realistic and musical piece. Even though AI is attempting to create an authentic version of music, instrumental sounds have shifted.

Artificial Intelligence has a Brain?

There is another change where AI can now track our tastes in music. Music recognition apps can recognize your favorite music genres. Based on our activity, on a daily basis, your phone or computer can track almost anything. If log into a familiar website daily, google will remember and post it on your personal computer for easy accessibility. If this is happening, where everything is transparent, then AI has the ability to also track musical sounds.

Cheaper and Efficient Algorithms

Algorithms are used with the producing of music. It costs money to create music using human engineering. In order to get production costs down, AI can develop musical patterns by inputting data. It can take in an abundance of data. Basically, you feed the software tons of source material, from dance hits to disco classics, which it then analyzes to find patterns. It picks up on things like chords, tempo, length, and how notes relate to one another, learning from all the input so it can write its own melodies.

Is AI Destroying Original Sounds?

Melodrive is an AI music system that makes original music. It can change with the streaming of emotions. AI music can imitate emotions through alterations in sound and generating a musical product. It can be used as a tool to include instrumental automation and aid in songwriting. But, is AI really destroying original sounds? Is music being remolded without an authentic sound?

Artificial Intelligence Captures Emotions

 Indie Beta is a modern AI music system. Emotions are now captured in musical compositions through artificial intelligence. The changeable emotions (happy, sad, tender, anger) of music are gathered together with AI technology. Can machines create music [by] using AI technologies like neural networks, to be trained upon a catalogue of human-made music, before producing their own?

Machine Learning on Music

Machine learning can mimic human-made music, and now it can make music. Artificial intelligence is able to detect what is popular and appealing to audiences and then create that music. It can gather information in a mechanical way and compose melodies. It’s unnerving to think that an algorithm can make a not-terrible song in minutes and that AI is getting in on creative turf we categorize as distinctly human.

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