New Dino Crisis Game Teased by Capcom

Without a doubt, a direct followup to the last Dino Crisis game is generally considered to be one of the most highly anticipated video game sequels of all time, but there’s currently no official word as to whether or not another entry for the series is in the cards. Be that as it may, the publisher and developer Capcom recently teased that a new installment in the franchise could eventually happen–that is, if the fans want it enough.

As seen below in the tweet from the Capcom Division 1 Twitter handle, the developer’s account responded to the user known as “Jawmuncher,” who asked if there is ever going to be a new Dino Crisis game on the way. In a followup message to the fan, Capcom simply wrote that a sequel could become an actuality “if a lot of people wish” for it to happen.

Naturally, Capcom’s response to Jawmuncher on Twitter doesn’t necessarily confirm that production of another Dino Crisis has begun, but it does show that the company is at least listening to and engaging with its fan base. So, although the mention of the survival horror title isn’t definitive proof of a followup being in the works, the door still seems to be left wide open for a direct sequel, or perhaps even a remaster or remake of the games in the series.

About a year ago, it was revealed that Capcom Vancouver almost developed a reboot for Dino Crisis, which shows that the company is keen to make another game for the franchise, but under the right circumstances. And while news of a fourth Dino Crisis would certainly please diehard fans of the series, the fact that the last installment, Dino Crisis 3, released in 2003 doesn’t bode well for a fresh sequel just yet.

The most fiscally sound scenario for Capcom would involve the Dino Crisis property first being introduced to a large portion of today’s audience who didn’t grow up with the titles by either re-releasing them or remastering them. And with Capcom having previously said that HD remasters of Triple-A titles are a priority, a more polished version of the original Dino Crisis being released before an actual sequel would not only be more likely, but also it would be a solid starting point for newbies.

The original Dino Crisis is available for Dreamcast, PC, and PlayStation 1.

Source: Twitter

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