New iMac Pro WILL Feature A10 Fusion Co-Processor For iOS Features

It’s apparently called BridgeOS, and it’ll bring a wealth of iOS features to Apple’s new iMac Pro – including, “Hey, Siri…”

Apple’s new iMac Pro is now well and truly on the cards and the leaks and information about the new desktop PC have been coming in thick and fast since it launched at WWDC in June.

But the latest bit of information concerns Apple’s existing A10 Fusion chip, which could be coming to iMac in 2018. Why? Simple: to do some cool stuff that isn’t present on Macs at present.

The A10 chip was spotted in some code and has since been detailed by Pepjin Bruienne, who reckons the A10 will act as co-processor alongside the iMac’s main CPU and handle things like “Hey, Siri…” feature from iPad and iPhone.

Apple will also likely use the A10 chip to handle the initial boot process, where it can confirm preliminary things like the software checking out before handing over to the more potent x86 Intel chipset.

Apple is apparently called the A10’s platform within the new iMac Pro BridgeOS, which implies it will act as a conduit for bringing across (and managing) certain iOS features like Hey, Siri, so more could be on the horizon.

This makes a lot of sense too, as the more crossover you can get between your iPhone and iMac the better, really. Apple is all about productivity, so it makes sense that iMac and iPhone will work more closely together as we move forwards – and BridgeOS seems to be the track that will provide the route for this.

Another option, suggested on social networks, is that the A10 will actually be the main chipset with the Intel chip doing the grunt work. If true, this could be the first step towards an ARM future inside Apple’s Mac lineup.

Both are pretty interesting developments, both in terms of functionality and/or the changing face of how Macs will run in the future. Only time will tell how this plays out, however, so, for now, we’ll just have to leave it at that – or, until we know more.

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