Nintendo Switch Pokemon Starters Leaked

With every new generation of Pokemon titles comes a wave of fake leaked starter Pokemon. It’s practically a tradition at this point, so no one should be surprised that the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pokemon game is continuing the trend. Three pieces of concept art popped up online today claiming to feature the starter Pokemon for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game. Are they real? That’s very unlikely, but it’s fun to consider nevertheless.

The three rumored starters include a fiery pony Pokemon with a brown nose and black circles around its eyes. It apparently evolves into a Fire/Steel-type down the line. The water Pokemon takes on the unique appearance of coral, with two large straight ears that make it bunny-like. Its evolution is pure Water-type. Finally, there’s a green Grass puppy-bear with a face and ears that glow in the dark. As its glow implies, it will evolve into a Grass/Electricity-type.

All three Pokemon are simple enough to make sense as something that Game Freak created. If anything, the generic cuteness of the Pokemon makes them less likely to be real, as Game Freak tends to experiment with theme and design in its starters from generation to generation. Fake or not, the artist should be proud of the quality of these Pokemon.

There are plenty of red flags pointing towards these Pokemon being fake, however. For one, it’s extremely odd for the images to be photos of framed pieces of printed off art hanging on a wall. The frame may even be the same in each photo, with the printed off art changing between each image. Second, the format of the image along with the big “Confidential” label is very similar to another image of a new Mimikyu form that’s a much lower quality example. Third, some say the Japanese characters written on the paper don’t make sense. Finally, the new Pokemon game isn’t even officially planned for 2018. It seems very early for near-final artwork to be available to be leaked.

Pokemon fans should treat these images as fake until given reason to believe they’re official, like all Pokemon-related leaks. It’s both a blessing and a curse to have such an excited fanbase like Pokemon does. When the official starters for the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game are actually revealed, it’ll be that much more exciting for the build-up.

Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch is planned for release either late in 2018 or in 2019.

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