OnePlus 6 Coming In June 2018 With Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Paul Briden

12/01/2018 – 12:43pm

OnePlus will launch a new flagship towards the end of Q2 2018

OnePlus 5T

Following rumours from the end of last year, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed the company’s plans to launch a OnePlus 6 flagship handset in June 2018. Lau confirmed the device during an interview with CNET.

In addition, Lau said the handset would be based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset saying “there’s no other choice” than Qualcomm hardware. He said the phone would launch late in Q2, which would place the release date in June. He also didn’t confirm the OnePlus 6 name, only that the company’s lead flagship for the year would be arriving at this time, but unless there’s some more number-based superstition (which is why the OnePlus 4 name was skipped) that is logically where we’ll end up in terms of branding.

Lau was also questioned regarding the possiblity of a follow-up OnePlus 6T to launch inside 2018 as well, following the firm’s habit with the OnePlus 3/3T and OnePlus 5/5T. He said he was not sure if this would happen at this time. We reckon it’s quite likely, but as with the last two “T” models it’s not something we exactly approve of, and instead think OnePlus should deliver the very best flagship at the time, rather than holding a few features back for a few months and introducing a rejig; this is basically stiffing customers, in our view, and will end up biting OnePlus in the ass when more consumers simply decide to wait for the OnePlus “T” model of any given generation.

Lastly, Lau expressed interest in partnering with US carrier networks to bring the OnePlus flagships to consumers in the States via network contracts.

If the right opportunity and right timing come along, we’ll be very happy to experiment,” he said.

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