Overwatch Reveals New Skins for Doomfist, Hanzo, and Sombra

Fans of Hanzo, Sombra, and Doomfist have a reason to celebrate, as Blizzard unveils three new skins for players to collect. Considering that one of the most satisfying things in Overwatch is picking the best outfit for a favorite hero, along with some fresh emotes or cool sprays, the wait for the Retribution event is made that much easier as players can start marking down which of the skins they’ll be spending their gold coins on.

With a battle royale mode not coming anytime soon (if at all), players can default to the PvE gameplay Overwatch has relied on in the past. However, these announcements don’t pertain to playable characters in the new PvE mode. Notably, these three heroes aren’t part of the official Retribution trailer, which follows McCree, Moira, Genji, and Reaper as they attempt a desperate escape from the clutches of the mercenary group, Talon. At least two of the new skins take cues from the mercenary army’s black, white, and red uniforms.

The skins for our Overwatch heroes are titled “Talon Sombra,” and “Talon Doomfist,” with the outlier being “Scion Hanzo.” Sombra herself rocks a mostly black and white color scheme, with hints of red and shorter hair than usual; Doomfist’s dons red face paint along with his mostly black uniform. Unlike the other two, Hanzo shows off his classier side as he sports a black and blue suit and tie, which makes it look more like his dinner was interrupted than he was prepping for battle. Of these three, Hanzo’s skin had been recently teased in a developer update.

Initially, the Uprising mission was expected to be the sole focus of this event, but after the Retribution reveal this proved not to be the case as it follows Overwatch’s midnight counterpart, Blackwatch, through a completely new narrative. These two events are brought together under the title Archives, which will offer skins from last year’s mission for players who might have missed it. The update will also include last year’s All-Hero Mode for Uprising, which means players will be able to use all new characters such as Brigitte in the older game mode.

It’s possible that these new reveals also hint who players will be battling against in Retribution.  Not only that, but Sombra is proving popular in the developer’s eyes with her updates and nerfs, so a little bit more backstory might be on their list of changes for her anyway.

Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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