Overwatch Teases Continue with Torbjorn’s Letter

Blizzard continues to release teasers for what’s assumed to be Overwatch‘s next big event. Today’s teaser comes in the form of a letter from turret-building engineer Torbjorn written to his wife, Ingrid. The letter expands on the events detailed in last week’s teaser, wherein Torbjorn was seriously injured in combat during operation “White Dome.”

Torbjorn’s letter is written to his wife, Ingrid, who is about to give birth to the couple’s first daughter. As such, Torbjorn starts the letter by reassuring Ingrid that he’s as healthy as can be expected and that he’s still hoping to be there when their daughter is born. He also makes clear that he did indeed lose his arm during Overwatch‘s White Dome conflict, as speculated based on last week’s teaser written by Ana.

The bulk of the letter, however, focuses on Reinhardt and a promise that Torbjorn made to him. Reinhardt was the one who saved Torbjorn’s life after he was injured, and as such the two have only grown closer while recovering from their battle wounds. Torbjorn somehow managed to ask Reinhardt to name his soon-to-be-born daughter and to be her godfather, with Ingrid’s approval, of course.

Overwatch Torbjorn Letter Teaser - English

Unfortunately, the letter does not provide any further details regarding the events of White Dome. White Dome was the main target of fan speculation, perhaps being the setting for what’s expected to be 2018’s iteration of the Uprising seasonal event. A wave-based mode where players protect a downed Torbjorn or something similar may still be in the cards, but this latest teaser neither confirms nor denies such rumors.

The letter does provide additional background details regarding Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn’s daughter Brigette, though. The letter confirms that Torbjorn lost his arm at White Dome, but doesn’t detail whether he also lost his eye here or later. And we also learn how Reinhardt became Brigette’s godfather, starting the relationship that would grow into Brigette becoming Reinhardt’s armorer. Though since Brigette isn’t mentioned by name it may be a different daughter referred to in the letter, but that seems unlikely.

Several questions continue to stand out as Overwatch moves closer to the next Uprising event. What will the event’s game mode be and will it be tied to the White Dome battle where Torbjorn was injured is the main one. Secondary questions focus on a possible teaser for an upcoming champion. Brigette continues to be brought up in the game’s storylines, but the name Emre Sarioglu stands out from last week’s teaser, too.

As ever, Overwatch continues to create excitement and conversation surrounding the game well beyond what could typically be managed purely through gameplay. Being constantly excited about what’s coming next is almost better then what’s actually delivered.

Overwatch is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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