Pokemon for Nintendo Switch to Be Franchise Reboot

With the forthcoming Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch having been given a wide release window in order to allow the developers at Game Freak enough space to put out a solid “core” entry in the popular role-playing game franchise, many fans are using the time to speculate about its contents. Speaking of which, if a recent rumor circulating online is to be believed, then the new title could serve as a franchise “reboot” for the series.

As seen in the tweet below from Jynx Club, this information comes by way of a purported insider by the name of “Chinese Riddler,” with the initial thread relating to the Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch being a “reboot” having been deleted shortly after its posting. Naturally, it’s difficult to confirm whether or not these details are legitimate, and it’s even harder to determine how exactly the upcoming RPG would “reboot” the series, if at all.

With Chinese Riddler failing to expound upon the meaning of “reboot” before the thread’s deletion, all one can do is use it as food for thought to pontificate on the matter. Should the rumor be true, many are wondering if this means that the Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch will include Generation 1 Pokemon in some way, offer a more fleshed out return to the original Red and Blue‘s Kanto region, or operate in the same vein as Pokemon Black and White by being a “soft” reboot.

Should Game Freak actually decide to use the new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch as a reboot of some kind, it obviously creates many questions, with one being how or if the developer will allow for the utilization of the Pokemon Bank, which was created for fans to store creatures and swap them between multiple iterations of the titles. It even makes one wonder if “reboot” could mean that the myriad Pocket Monsters created post-Gen 1 will be scrapped outright.

At any rate, there’s no telling if this bit of scuttlebutt is accurate, especially with there having been very little official details shared about the title so far. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say we will continue to encounter a deluge of rumors until the Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch is officially on the market.

The new Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch currently has a release window of 2018 or later.

Source: Jynx Club – Twitter

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