Pokemon GO Adds Two New Shiny Pokemon

After much anticipation, Pokemon GO developer Niantic has finally revealed the mobile augmented reality title’s holiday event for 2017, which not only brings back Santa Hat Pikachu for a limited time, but also introduces several new Gen 3 Ice- and Water-type creatures. And now, according to player reports, it looks as if the company has also added two new Shiny Pokemon for players to catch and collect, with Snorunt and its evolution Glalie getting special versions.

As seen in the image below from the Redditor and Pokemon GO trainer known as TheGriesy, the player managed to catch this Shiny version of Snorunt, with the creature’s typically tan and yellow overcoat now being a pale blue one. Similar to Shiny Snorunt, Shiny Glalie’s outer body will be light blue instead of its typical white hue, and it will have more menacing red eyes instead of its usual blue peepers.

For those unaware, Snorunt and Glalie have joined the ranks of several other species of Pokemon that have been given Shiny versions in Pokemon GO, and players are typically extremely excited to catch them due to their rarity. For instance, when fans discovered the existence of Shiny Magikarp during the start of the Water Festival, over 500 million went on to be caught. Following the addition of Shiny Magikarp and its evolution Gyarados, Shiny Pikachu made its appearance for the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama, Japan, with a handful of others being added later on in the year.

Although it looks as if Snorunt is the only Shiny to have been added to Pokemon GO for the holidays, it’s definitely possible that even more could be added soon. After all, when Niantic added the Shiny Sableye at the beginning of this year’s Halloween event, the developer then went on to include Shuppet and Duskull down the line, so there’s always a chance for even more Shiny Pokemon to make their way into the game.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: TheGriesy – Reddit

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