Pokemon GO Bug Makes Organizing, Evolving Pokemon Difficult

With the ongoing holiday event, Pokémon GO players may not be excited to hear about the newest bug. Now, after transferring, renaming, appraising, or evolving a Pokémon, the player is returned to the top of their Pokémon list. It is unknown if this bug will somehow influence the holiday event more than it potentially has already.

It seems that this game is fated to continuously deal with glitches. While this bug is not as game-breaking as the radar bug, it still negatively affects gameplay. This glitch compromises several features, making it more difficult to accomplish; specifically, a gamer’s ability to use a Lucky Egg to heighten evolution and experience is complicated, as the player will inevitably lose a lot of time scrolling back down through the list.

Humorously, Pokémon GO developer Niantic suggested players visit their Known Issues page to stay up to date on the resolution of this bug, but this specific bug is not listed on the page at the time of this writing. This was most likely a small oversight, as Niantic is almost certainly working on this issue. After all, it tweeted about the bug, so hopefully, it’ll be fixed soon.

In the meantime, this bug does not affect the ability to catch Pokémon at least. With the recent introduction of Gen 3 Ice- and Water- type Pokémon, this news may relief fans somewhat. It doesn’t seem eggs are negatively affected either, as free incubators are also available over the next couple of days. Moreover, Gyms and Raids are fine as well.

It’s disheartening to see Pokémon GO plagued by yet another bug; however, players may find relief in the fact that Niantic has frequently fixed bugs as rapidly as they appear. Luckily, the bug seems to only affect smaller features of the game (with the exception of transferring or evolving Pokémon.) Until then, players may look at Niantic’s Known Issues page to stay updated on the bug, but otherwise, enjoy the game in most capacities.

Pokemon GO is currently available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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