Pokemon GO Confirms Premier Ball Glitch is Real

With Pokemon GO players flocking to the various Raids around the world, some players have found that the Premier Pokeballs aren’t working as intended. Fortunately, it looks like Niantic is aware of the issue and is working diligently to develop a solution so players can use their Premier Balls effectively.

The issue in question is Raid Bosses always breaking free from the last Premier Ball available in Pokemon GO. Naturally, this is a frustrating situation considering how many resources it takes for a team of Pokemon GO players to complete a Raid. Granted, there are those occasional small groups that have the ability to take down a Raid Boss with little issue, but for most players it takes a good deal of coordination and items.

Niantic didn’t provide any timeline for when the Premier Ball issue will be resolved, so for now players should be aware of the issue when starting Raids. On the positive side, there are still plenty of other rewards and bonuses available as players make their way through the Raids, so even if players struggle to capture the Legendary Pokemon at the end with the Premier Balls due to the glitch, at least they’ll walk away with some decent loot.


Niantic also revealed that the Gym Control bonus isn’t currently working as intended during the Raid Boss encounter, which may cause players to receive fewer Premier Balls than they should. This, combined with the Premier Ball issue certainly make for a frustrating situation all around.

There are a handful of other known issues within Pokemon GO right now that Niantic is working to resolve. As with the other issues mentioned above, there is currently no timeline or patch date for these fixes, so players will need to go into Raid battles and other activities knowing there will likely be challenges presented by these bugs.

At the very least, it’s good to see Niantic taking a proactive approach to keeping Pokemon GO players updated about the various issues within the game, so they can plan and play accordingly. Hopefully each of these issues will be resolved quickly and players can more confidently take on the Raid Bosses and other challenges in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is currently available for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Niantic

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