Pokemon GO Makes Big Improvement to Weather System

Following the implementation of the real-world weather feature in the popular mobile augmented reality title Pokemon GO, Niantic faced a plethora of complaints from fans after they received extreme weather warnings that barred them from experiencing the dynamic weather system even when climes were relatively calm. Now, the developer has brought about a much-needed improvement to the feature by allowing trainers to opt out of “extreme conditions” when they aren’t actually occurring by letting them mark themselves as “safe”.

As many Pokemon GO fans can confirm, an in-game pop-up will occasionally warn players to be careful when heading outside and note that “weather conditions are potentially dangerous” should the forecast look fierce, which then disabled the ARG’s dynamic weather feature. Now, though, players who don’t deem this to be the case can choose to declare themselves safe if it’s merely sprinkling outside and not a full-blown hurricane.

When one takes into account Niantic’s intentions behind the extreme weather notifications, the company’s heart was in the right place, as the feature was designed to prevent Pokemon GO players from trying to catch Ice-types in a blizzard or Fire-types during a heatwave. However, what Niantic considered dangerous conditions were often far from it, with many users often sharing images with one another that don’t show any harsh weather at all.

All things considered, Niantic’s solution to the “extreme conditions” problem affecting the dynamic weather system seems to be going over well with many Pokemon GO fans, as they can now easily circumvent the precautionary measure. Naturally, though, with this fix being in place, it’s up to trainers to be responsible for their own safety when venturing out into the wild to fill their Pokedex with such creatures as the new Gen 3 Ice- and Water-types.

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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