Pokemon Switch Direct Coming on Wednesday

Even though Nintendo announced a main series Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch at last year’s E3, we still have yet to actually see it in action. However, recent rum0rs suggest that may change sooner rather than later, as it may be properly unveiled at a surprise Nintendo Direct presentation set to take place as soon as this coming Wednesday.

This latest Pokemon on Switch rumor has been making the rounds on the Internet today, and seems to stem from a Twitter post by a user named Matt Hunt. Hunt cites “reliable sources” that back up this rumor, though has yet to provide any evidence for his claim. So while it’s certainly possible Nintendo will surprise fans with a special Pokemon Switch Direct on this coming Wednesday, March 28, no one should get their hopes up.

While Pokemon fans should take Hunt’s claims with a massive grain of salt, that doesn’t mean we won’t see the new game sooner rather than later. In fact, another rumor has pointed to Bandai Namco hosting a press conference in May where it will unveil a new line of toys and merchandise based on Pokemon for the Switch. If this is true (note that this supposed press conference hasn’t been confirmed and is also just a rumor), then it would stand to reason that the new Pokemon game will be shown at some point before May.

This Bandai Namco rumor stems from a French-language Pokemon fan site called Pokegraph, which is making these claims based on multiple sources. Pokegraph also claims that Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch will be split into two games, like all the other main series titles so far, and that they will launch in December of this year.

Like the rumor that a Pokemon Switch Nintendo Direct will come this Wednesday, fans should be weary of Pokegraph’s claims. After all, Pokegraph doesn’t provide any evidence to back up what its saying, and could just be making it up.

Of course, if Pokegraph was correct that the new Pokemon games on Switch will launch in December of this year, it wouldn’t be all that surprising. We know that Pokemon on Switch has a release window of late 2018/early 2019, and if the games launch in time for Christmas, it could give Nintendo a record-breaking holiday season.

Pokemon is in development for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Pokegraph

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