PSVR Puzzle-Platformer Moss Debuts New Gameplay Footage

New gameplay footage has finally surfaced for Sony’s exclusive VR platform-adventure game, Moss. Little has been seen of Moss since its reveal during E3 2017, but that’s all changed with a new gameplay video released by PlayStation. The video, which is actually set up as an episode of PlayStation Underground, showcases a wealth of never-before-seen content, including levels, features, and creatures.

Developed as a third-person puzzle-platform game by Polyarc, Moss chronicles the adventures of a young mouse called Quill. With evil’s influence increasing, it is Quill who answers the call and begins a treacherous journey through forgotten lands and abandoned ruins. Quill can’t take on her comparatively gigantic world on her own though; she must work together with the player – known in-game as “the Reader” – to overcome brain-bending puzzles and all-manner of threatening creatures.

The gameplay presented by PlayStation Underground showcases a level players will encounter early on in the game. The specific location is a mineshaft-like tunnel system filled with a few light puzzles and home to a handful of mechanical bug-like enemies. The game’s control scheme is the first topic to be discussed, and it turns out to be just a little bit unusual.

Players of Moss are active and acknowledged participants in the game’s world, and they’re tasked with controlling both Quill and their own “Reader” character. The analog sticks and face buttons are dedicated to directing Quill, while motion controls are used to manipulate objects and enemies as the “Reader.” The level on display in the video mostly allows the player to alternate between the two, but the simultaneous controls appear to be very helpful for combat and complex puzzle-solving. It looks very Zelda-esque, but requires just a bit more involvement from the player.

Quill’s communication ability and capacity for player-interaction are also on display here. Players can wave to Quill by waving their controller back and forth, and Quill will wave back in response. Towards the end of the video, Quill directly addresses the player through the use of American Sign Language and it is revealed that she will often do this in order to express needs, hints, or to confirm that she knows something about the location she’s exploring. To see everything on display in the new footage, check out the video in full below.

VR has had many standout hits with the likes of Skyrim VR, but the tech is still dealing with growing pains like the motion sickness inherent to the first-person perspective utilized by most of its games. If Moss sees success with its third-person perspective, perhaps VR will see more games that find creative ways to avoid the problem of inadvertently summoning players’ lunches back from the dark depths of their stomachs.

Moss is currently scheduled to launch for PlayStation VR later this month. A specific release date has yet to be announced.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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