Rainbow Six Siege Is Getting Loot Crates & Season Two Improvements

Ubisoft releases plenty of news about the upcoming year of Rainbow Six Siege content which includes loot packs, UI fixes, gameplay improvements, and more.

Now that the Six Invitational tournament in Montreal has wrapped up, it’s clear that plenty of Rainbow Six Siege news has poured forth from the event. Among the expected news of hit registration updates and general bug fixes came more exciting revelations, like the fact that the Year Two DLC of Rainbow Six Siege will be receiving Alpha Packs, which function as a free loot crate system for Ubisoft’s tactical e-sports title.

For every game players finish, whether they win or lose, they will gain a chance to receive one of these Alpha Packs. Winning matches will gain more momentum towards getting the packs than losing will, but the main point is that not abandoning matches is the only way to increase a player’s chances for them. Players can then roll for a pack when they win a match, and even if they lose this roll, their momentum will build onto the next game. Chances will only reset once a player wins one of these loot packs, which dish out a random prize each time. Notably, the alpha packs can also be purchased with in-game Renown, meaning that players won’t be forced to spend real cash when they gamble for prizes.

It seems like the good times are truly rolling for Rainbow Six Siege, which now has more players than ever before:

Rainbow Six Siege Year One Players

Aside of the newly announced alpha packs, Ubisoft is releasing a few other oft-requested updates like a brand new take on the game’s user interface system, which will finally allow players to navigate the menus and assign weapon loadouts as the game searches for matches. Ubisoft also confirmed that another Six Invitational event will take place in 2018, which means at least 8 new operators will be included for the future tournament’s roster.

The second year of Rainbow Six Siege content is due to begin on February 7th, with two new Spanish operators and a coastal map kicking things off. The new attacking operator features a footprint tracking technology which will make him a great counter for lone roamers like Caveira, while the new defending operator can put a one-way bulletproof glass panel onto walling to help out the defensive team.  As per usual, these operators will be exclusive to Season Pass holders for their first week of their release, before regular players can purchase them with in-game currency.

There’s currently no news on what operators will represent Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea, though if history repeats itself gamers will probably get an accidental early peak before the respective operators are due to arrive.

What do you think about the Year Two announcements, Ranters? Are you excited for Siege to feature free loot packs?

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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