Retro Defenders: Tower’s War Tizen Game

Here is another tower defense game for your Tizen phone. Play this classic retro look game” Retro Defenders: Tower’s War”.

Just like other castle/tower defense game, your goal is to defend your tower from the horde of enemies trying to destroy your tower. Enemies will storm your tower, beware from orcs, dragons and other crusaders, defend your tower using all your weapons. Don’t worry as you can upgrade and seek the help of different warriors at your disposal, choose and ask the help of wizard, soldiers, dwarf, elves or sorcerer. Use your money earned during the quest to upgrade your warriors, build your defenses.

It’s a long challenge for Retro defenders, with 17 battle arenas and 40 game levels. The Retro Defenders Tower’s War do have retro graphics, good game play with several colorful characters.


Play now to: ” Mini guardians: castle defense “.

Lead your warriors and guardians to defend your bastion against rogue assaults.

Enter in this destiny quest to defend your princess’ towers against hordes of enemies, rampage foes, crusaders, dragons, skeletons, orcs, treants, giant spiders, and many other scaring creatures….

In this discord war, slayer, gladiators, killers, assassins, defenders, resistants, freedom fighters, will all fight in really epic battles and raids.

A horde of dangerous creatures has started to invade your land and kill your people. The last hope of the kingdom is the princess’ army: her tiny guardians: THE RETRO DEFENDERS !!!

Use all tricks and sorcery to fight against enemies and mini boss. Avoid the conquest of the crown and the throne by the goblins and keep your frontiers safe. Restore the order with your crusaders.

You lead a team of 8 super powerful warriors that will fight for you in lands, forests, villages, dungeons, castles, graveyards, deserts… You can end this war… But only if you can become a siege hero.

You must protect the princess’ towers. Whatever happens!

Lead your troops to the final victory. The warriors available are:

1 peasant, 1 dwarf, 1 wizard, 1 soldier, 1 sorcerer, 1 lizard, 2 elves

Every character has different characteristics and you have to play cleverly to defeat the enemy. Make sure the enemies don’t pass your defense, or your kingdom will be lost forever!!!


  • An epic war in a medieval world
  • Build your defenses and create impregnable fortresses
  • Upgrade your 8 warriors
  • 17 battles’ arena
  • Long hours of gameplay with over 40 levels
  • 80 bonus and booster to unlock

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