Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen To Be Boosted With Advanced Features

Samsung has BIG plans for the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen features

According to am interview on Samsung’s official website, Samsung is already in the process of developing and hashing out new ideas for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Amongst those ideas, the firm is reportedly focusing on bringing new and advanced features to the S Pen stylus.

The interview was conducted with two members of Samsung Electronics’ Global Product Planning Group (part of the firm’s Mobile Communications Business), BJ Kang and Cue Kim, although it is Kang’s comments which were most revealing. He said that Samsung’s development team has already committed to working on the Galaxy Note 9 without taking its usual break after the Galaxy Note 8, despite the Note 8 development itself apparently being quite a challenging time (not surprising considering what happend with the Galaxy Note 7!)

“Following the Galaxy Note7 incident, Samsung Mobile Communications Business, which had been moving forward so quickly, had the chance to reflect on the core benefits that Note users require of their device. When the time came to design the next model, we made it our priority to reward our loyal users with our most innovative Note yet,” he said, “Therefore, the product planning process for the Galaxy Note8 was far more intense than ever before.”

“Usually, when one project comes to an end, we have a small break before moving on to the next. But this time, we’re not taking any breaks, even though the Galaxy Note8 product planning process was so challenging.”

Kang confirmed that enhancing the S Pen with new feaures is a key focus, but the team is also trying to figure out how to add more business and consumer features to the handset as well.

“We are already considering how to approach the development of the next Note by evaluating the latest model and looking for ways to improve upon signature features like the S Pen. We will continue to keep users’ needs as our number one priority, and will innovate accordingly.”

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