Samsung VR Apps Updated For Galaxy A8 Series

Paul Briden

20/12/2017 – 2:19pm

Samsung updates its VR catalogue to support the new Galaxy A8 devices

We reported on Samsung’s launch of the new Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8+ handsets, which are the first in the A-Series to sport 18:9 Infinity Displays and support Samsung’s Gear VR hardware and software – and now Samsung has updated its VR apps specifically to support the new smartphones.

The duo are poised to go on sale inside January 2018, but Samsung’s getting the software updates out now so that they’ll run Samsung Gear VR experiences out of the box; this means consumers no longer have to fork out Samsung Galaxy flagship prices to get a VR experience.

Samsung’s current-gen Gear VR headset (with controller) retails for under $100, so we’re expecting some very affordable Samsung Galaxy A8 AND Gear VR bundle packages to pop up in the new year.

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