Samsung Working On FOUR Galaxy S10 Models, Including One With 5G

Damien McFerran

20/09/2018 – 10:36am

Android Pie update spills the beans

Tech sleuths digging around in the XML documents found inside the Android Pie update for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ have found evidence that the South Korean company has a whopping FOUR models planned for the Galaxy S10.

The Android Pie update files – which presumably will also ship on the S10 when it eventually arrives – contain references to a hardware variant known as ‘Beyond’. It’s common knowledge that this is Samsung’s internal codename for its upcoming 2019 flagship phone.

What’s really interesting is that the Beyond codename comes with some hardware variations, and it would appear that Samsung has four models in the works – including one with 5G network support. The models are listed as beyond0, beyond1, beyond2, and beyond25g in the XML document.

The folks over at the XDA Developers forum have pulled apart this data and believe that the ‘Beyond 0’ will be a Galaxy S10 with 5.8-inch display and single rear-facing camera – not a million miles away from the ‘basic’ Galaxy S9, then. ‘Beyond 1’, on the other hand, will have 5.8-inch display and dual rear cameras, which means Samsung is planning on producing two versions of the base phone, offering consumers a choice between single and dual-lens photography. ‘Beyond 2’ and ‘Beyond 2 5G’ will be the ‘big-screen’ versions of the Galaxy S10+, and will presumably come with a dual-camera setup.

The fact that one of these S10+ models comes with 5G is big news; next year will see the successor to 4G roll out across the globe, and we’ll no doubt get a flood of flagship phones which support this new network standard. It would seem that Samsung isn’t quite ready to jump in feet first, and will only make one of the S10 variants 5G-ready – a wise move perhaps, given that, for most (if not all) of 2019, 4G will remain the most popular network type. Most people won’t upgrade their mobile contracts to benefit from 5G until the price drops, which could be a few years from now.

Also of interest is the fact that the XML file has a ‘Q’ listed against some of these phones. This usually denotes when Samsung is using a Qualcomm chipset; when this ‘Q’ is absent, it means the company is using its own Exynos tech. The company has traditionally split its chipset allocation between these two standards in the past, so that part checks out.

It’s hard to know precisely how accurate all of this information is given that it comes in an update file for the S9+, but we know Samsung will be pretty far ahead when it comes to developing the S10, which is expected to launch in January. Given that any 2019 phone will ship with Android Pie, it makes sense that the company is laying down the software groundwork already, so this info could be on the money.

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