Say Hello To The The Mi Mix 3, Xiaomi’s iPhone XS And Galaxy S10 Killer

A truly bezel-less smartphone giant

While column inches may well have been gobbled up by news regarding the iPhone XS and upcoming Galaxy S10, over in China Xiaomi – also known as the ‘Apple of the East’ – has been teasing its next big-screen device, and it’s sure to have mobile lovers hot under the collar.

Xiaomi hasn’t fully revealed the Mi Mix 3 just yet, but it has offered up some choice bits of info to get chins wagging. The most eye-catching aspect announced thus far is the truly bezel-free screen, which doesn’t have a notch or a chin – instead, the top of the phone slides up to reveal the front-facing camera array. Honor and Oppo have similar mechanisms in some of their phones, and the effect is stunning – this is a real ‘all-screen’ phone.

Thanks to a photo posted by Xiaomi product management director Donovan Sung, we also know that the Mi Mix 3 will have 5G support, making it a truly cutting-edge handset. 5G doesn’t roll out until next year, but its inclusion proves that Xiaomi is thinking ahead, just as it did with the very first Mi Mix a few years back. Sung claims that download speeds are more than 10 times faster than 4G, although given how wildly 4G network performance fluctuates, it’s hard to tell just how realistic such a boast is. Still, at least we know that the Mi Mix 3 will be ready when 5G connectivity does arrive.

Given that the Mi Mix 3 is rocking 5G support and has an impressive notch-less screen – and given the Mi Mix line’s focus on high-end internals – it would be wise to expect at least a Snapdragon 845 chipset inside this device. We’d also imagine it will come with impressive storage totals and plenty of RAM, as well as the trademark lavish bodywork.

An October launch is expected, which leaves Xiaomi with very little time to fully announce this bad boy. The previous Mi Mix phones have been utterly fantastic slices of mobile tech, with the Mi Mix 2 getting an upgrade earlier this year called the Mi Mix 2S which makes it one of the best-looking flagships money can buy right now. As with its other devices, it’s likely that Xiaomi will be aiming this particular phone at the Far East, but importers like GearBest will no doubt have them for a reasonable price if you fancy importing one; ‘global’ variants come with full Google apps support and English text.

With Apple sticking with its notch screen design (which, ironically, has now become something of a fashion statement in the mobile sector) and Samsung yet to show its hand with the upcoming Galaxy S10, Xiaomi could once again offer a viable alternative to those who want a truly bezel-free smartphone. The Mi Mix 3 is certainly one to keep an eye on, and we’ll be bringing you more news as and when it happens.

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