Sea of Thieves Gets Awesome Custom Controller That Glows in the Dark

Although Sea of Thieves has already received special treatment from Microsoft, it is continuing in the form of a new custom controller. Set to release on February 6, this impressive controller is dark purple with a light green splatter across it. In the center, there is a pirate skull; moreover, there is a compass etched around the left thumbstick and a single golden trigger.

Microsoft appears to be going all out on this controller because it also comes with the following: Ferryman Clothing DLC for Sea of Thieves, 14 days of Xbox Live Gold, and 14 days of Xbox Game Pass. Furthermore, the central pirate skull also glows in the dark, which seemingly justifies the price at $74.99. Considering the average controller retails at $59.99, this price seems reasonable considering its improvements over the typical controller.

The controller also sports quite a few additional features, supporting Bluetooth for Windows 10 PCs and tablets. It even includes “up to twice the wireless range over previous Xbox controllers” for both PC and Xbox, impulse triggers, custom button mapping, textured grips, responsive thumbsticks, and an enhanced D-pad. The Sea of Thieves custom controller is currently available as a pre-order through the Microsoft Store.

Sea of Thieves Gets Awesome Custom Controller That Glows in the Dark - Sea of Thieves Xbox One custom controller

For those gamers with a keen interest in more unique accessories, it is also worth noting that Mad Catz is making a return to the business. Hopefully 2018 will see some of its products hit the market. Despite recent setbacks, Mad Catz seems determined to bring quality products to the market, but whether or not it can deliver something as impressive as the Sea of Thieves custom controller remains to be seen.

In the meantime, gamers may pre-order and pick up this controller in anticipation for Sea of Thieves on February 6. Although this date is more than a month before Sea of Thieves’ official release date, it may allow the would-be pirates to adapt to the controller’s impressive list of features. Regardless, the remarkable design should get gamers in the pirating mood.

Sea of Thieves is set to release on March 20, 2018 for PC and Xbox One.

Source: Microsoft

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