Sea of Thieves Players Finally Hit Pirate Legend Status

Despite having a lot of server issues on launch day, Sea of Thieves has found a dedicated community early on, many that like to form crews and sail the ocean. The shared world action-adventure game, developed by Rare and published by Microsoft, offers players’ an immersive experience that includes three pirate factions, each with an independent level cap of 50. To reach this level for each faction earns the player the mysterious “Pirate Legend” status.

The difficulty of such a task is considerable, but that hasn’t prevented Sea of Thieves streamer Prod1gyX from accomplishing it and earning the moniker of “Pirate Legend.” He has been broadcasting his progress throughout this journey, which he completed in less than two weeks after the game’s release. Moreover, because of this achievement, this Twitch streamer has not only earned this new status but unlocked some new post-game content not previously revealed.

Before the game launched, Sea of Thieves Executive producer Joe stated that this status was “really just the start.” It was also further revealed that achieving this status unlocks a new secret quest for the game’s players, as well as additional secrets. As more and more of this new chapter for the game is uncovered, prepare to see news defining what it means to, in fact, be a pirate legend.

Thus far, we know that Pirate Legend unlocks a secret area in the tavern section of an outpost. Players head underground and they can purchase unique items from a vendor and acquire new voyages. The voyages are pretty substantial, too; one voyage fills up the player’s entire inventory of maps. Check out Prod1gyX’s unveiling of the Pirate Legend secrets. The relevant portions start around the 58-minute mark.

While the game has endured such difficulties with connection problems and Game Pass players being locked out, this in-game status is something that may very well make discouraged players return to the game. Even with the aforementioned issues, Sea of Thieves has become the fastest-selling first-party Xbox IP of this generation, and its secret post-content quest is likely to only help its growing popularity.

Still, many players may still have to worry about Microsoft and Rare dealing with Sea of Thieves’ escalating hacking problem. As more and more players achieve this status, hopefully, this problem will be handled, as it could easily discourage players from attempting to attain the status for themselves. Nevertheless, Prod1gyX is the first known player to attain such a coveted status and has definitely earned the right to say he is the first pirate legend of Sea of Thieves. 

Sea of Thieves is available now for PC and Xbox One.

Source: IGN

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