Google is adopting blockchain-like technology

Google is planning to adopt a blockchain-like ledger system, people familiar with the situation told Bloomberg. Google will use the tech, the report states, as a means of differentiating its cloud business from rivals. The company would also supposedly license the ledger system so that other companies could run it on their own servers. Google […]

Google+ is five years old today

Somehow, don’t ask me how, Google’s zombie of a social network experiment has shambled its way to the grand age of five years old. That’s right, Google+ was launched on June 28th, 2011, at a time when Google still thought it could head off the rising threat of Facebook and its irresistible urge to consume the entire […]

Google Home UK Voice Calling Incoming!

Paul Briden 07/03/2018 – 12:58pm Google Home devices in the UK will finally get voice calling this week Google Home smart speakers have had hands-free voice-calling functionality in the US for a while now, but the feature has been absent for users in the UK. That’s soon going to change, according to new information. The […]

Achtung! Google Translate now works from within any Android app

Also included in Google Translate version 5.0 is support for simplified and traditional Chinese characters in the Word Lens mode (when you tap the camera icon for a live translation). Sadly, Word Lens itself remains quite erratic. The good news is that this update efficiently addresses a longstanding problem with Google Translate. If you often […]

Google I/O 2017: poznaliśmy terminy konferencji

Wszystko wskazuje na to, że najbliższą z dużych konferencji dotyczących rynku mobilnego będzie ta organizowana przez Google. Mowa oczywiście o Google I/O 2017. Kiedy impreza się odbędzie? Producent ujawnił właśnie dokładne daty. I liczba mnoga nie jest przypadkowa, ponieważ jak zawsze mowa tutaj o imprezie trwającej więcej niż jeden dzień. Google I/O 2017 potrwa od […]