Why is Black Friday so important to fans of high technology?

Anyone who is passionate about high technology will have heard about Black Friday. For those who are not familiar with it, Black Friday is the day where high-tech devices are available at reduced prices. With the specter of Christmas looming, this is a great chance to get your holiday shopping done at a lower than standard price. Where […]

Westworld may just give The Man in Black a shot at redemption

HBO’s science fiction drama Westworld isn’t just known for its talented cast and its philosophical musings about the nature of reality. It’s also become famous for its reveals, from mind-bending bombshells that link two characters to simple pieces of backstory that bring new insight to a storyline. Watching Westworld is like peeling an onion, one […]

GoPro Hero 6 Black review: Superb quality, but you pay for it

Who needs an action camera these days? That’s the question I found myself asking while testing GoPro’s latest Hero 6 Black. With modern smartphones now so good at shooting video and taking pictures, and also becoming more resistant to the elements, the number of people for whom action devices are appropriate (or attractive) appears to […]

NBA Star James Harden Spotted Wearing Black Ops 4 Hat

What could be the first official sign of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s forthcoming announcement may have appeared courtside at tonight’s Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder NBA game. As Rockets star James Harden walked down the tunnel into Chesapeake Energy Arena, he was photographed in a hat with what many believe is Black Ops 4‘s […]

What was the defining color trend of smartphones in 2016?

Now that we’ve reached the end of the year, it’s time to assess this year’s design trends and make some predictions about what we might see in 2017. Shades of gold and glossy black made an appearance on some of the year’s key devices, but across several manufacturers, the stand-out unique color for 2016 has to […]