BlackBerry rolls out another batch of Priv app updates

Following up on the last batch of updates at the end of April, BlackBerry has once again pushed another batch of updates to the BlackBerry Productivity Suite for Priv. This time around, there’s updates for the BlackBerry Calendar, BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Services, Contacts by BlackBerry, Notes by BlackBerry and Tasks for BlackBerry. Sadly, BlackBerry skipped […]

Things to Do When Windows Updates Fail

A savvy user always try to keep his/her windows PC up to date. Because, Updates are very important. But, What you should do when windows updates fail? This article aims to provide some useful tips to handle that situation. Windows updates are very important for a windows operating system. Microsoft regularly provides security patches, bug […]

Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Security updates come to an end

The Galaxy S6 was a great phone in its day, but has since been buried beneath several iterations from Samsung – the latest being the Galaxy S9. It now looks like the handset’s days are truly numbered, as the Korean manufacturer has removed it from its list of models that receive regular security updates.    The […]