Turing Phone Dark Wyvern review

Turing Robotics seems to be banking heavily on the Turing Phone. Not only has the company delayed the release of the device for months upon months, but it even completely changed the operating system, going from Android to the somewhat unknown Sailfish OS — a very risky move for a company that’s still building a […]

Essential Phone (PH-1) Review

Essential Phone (PH-1) Review – The Essential Phone, also named the Essential PH-1, is the new kid on the block. Much of the hype surrounding the phone’s launch is tied to Andy Rubin, the company’s founder who is also the creator of the Android mobile operating system. But the Essential PH-1 is shipping in a particularly challenging period: The […]

Razer Phone hands-on: a phone for gamers, and everyone

What happens when a gaming computer company buys a smartphone company? They make a gaming phone, right? Not quite! Razer bought Nextbit earlier this year, and today the company has released its first smartphone. It’s not a gaming phone, but it is a phone made for gamers. We went hands-on with the Razer Phone and […]

100 days with the Razer Phone: the edgy outsider

An alternative style Over the course of using the Razer Phone as my daily driver for several months, I got plenty of comments from friends about its appearance. We might know it as the Nextbit Robin in its edgy goth phase, but for most people, it’s just that weird black block phone. Now, your mileage may vary […]

LeEco Le Pro 3 review

LeEco is finally coming to Western shores. The company has made a name for itself as the “Netflix of China,” but now it wants to expand beyond being a China-only company and enter the U.S. market with the Le Pro 3. This phone may have the looks and specs of a flagship, but it costs […]

How to Wipe Android Phone Completely Before Selling It

A few years ago, Data recovery was not very easy. So, Peoples could feel secured by formating or doing factory reset of android phone before selling it. Though, That was not secured enough. But, Nowadays, Data recovery is very common thing. Even, There are so many free tools that are good enough to restore data from […]

Doogee Mix review – the $200 bezel-less smartphone

2017 has been a year full of new designs. Ever since the Mi Mix burst onto the scene at the end of 2016, manufacturers have been rushing to create a unique experience capable of tempting buyers from their current device and into a new, futuristic phone. Almost all of these devices are flagships. We’ve seen […]