Huawei MateBook X review

Huawei MateBook X review – LAPTOPS? REALLY? Is there anything Huawei isn’t producing these days? We should have known this day would come when Huawei announced its first Windows 10 tablet, the original MateBook. Now, over a year later, the Chinese behemoth has unveiled its successor along with two, very un-tablety laptops: the MateBook X […]

Forsaken Fixed with Today’s Patch – Game Rant

After a brief maintenance window (but no downtime) earlier today, Destiny 2 has received a hot fix that addresses some issues with the game post-Forsaken. Not all of the issues currently going on with the game were fixed, mind you – some of the bigger ones are still being investigated – but there are a […]

Google Home Max review

IT TOOK ALMOST an entire year for the Google Home Max to reach UK stores, but it’s finally here. We’re guessing, and indeed hoping, that its arrival so close to the next Google event means that there are no plans for a version 2 at the moment. But then, we’re not sure exactly what Google […]

Best Xbox Games in the Windows Store

Best Xbox Games in the Windows Store – Looking to get your Xbox fix on your Windows 10 PC? These are the games to get. Here are some of the best games available for Windows 10 PCs that also come with Xbox integration, and in some cases, cross-purchasing thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere. Gears of War […]

Best Racing Games for Xbox One in 2018

Racing games aren’t for everyone, but for those who love them, often little else will do. Here we’re taking a look at the very best that racing fans can get their hands on for the Xbox One. Best racing wheels for Xbox One Forza Motorsport 7 The poster child for the Xbox One X, Forza […]

OnePlus 5T review: The best phone OnePlus has ever made

OnePlus churns out top quality phones with such monotonous regularity that the brilliance of the OnePlus 5T shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. If there’s any kind of surprise at all, it’s precisely how good the OnePlus 5T is, because make no mistake about it, this is one outstanding smartphone. The firm has somehow taken […]