Zapping cobalt nanodots could lead to magnetic RAM

Magnetic storage, and we’re talking tape here, is good for long-term storage because it’s cheap and stable — unlike solid state drives and volatile memory, which are quick but expensive and better for temporary storage. New research might lead to a method that combines the best of both worlds. The main problem with magnetic storage […]

According to Google, these are the best apps

Google has now introduced its new selection of Excellence applications. The objective? To give more visibility to applications and games that are not ranked at the top. To guide you through them, we’ve put together the list of the Android apps that have been selected by Google this Spring. Android Excellence: what’s it all about? Launched last year, […]

Google’s Three Experimental Photo Apps Revealed

Google has announced three new photo “appsperiments” Google has announced the launch of three new experimental applications, or “appsperiments” as it likes to call them, which will be photo apps available on both Android and iOS. In a blog post revealing the new applications, Google said they will be “usable and useful mobile photography experiences […]