Is The Essential Phone Essentially Crap? Kinda…

Richard Goodwin 11/04/2018 – 2:43pm Kinda. And this is pretty disappointing given the pedigree of the people and company behind it Interested in an Essential Phone? You can now pick one up via Amazon for just over £400. That’s INSANELY cheap given just how expensive it was when it first arrived. So why is it […]

Razer Phone hands-on: a phone for gamers, and everyone

What happens when a gaming computer company buys a smartphone company? They make a gaming phone, right? Not quite! Razer bought Nextbit earlier this year, and today the company has released its first smartphone. It’s not a gaming phone, but it is a phone made for gamers. We went hands-on with the Razer Phone and […]

Here’s how easy it is to hack Donald Trump’s phone

Donald Trump is still tweeting from his Android phone, despite the best efforts of his aides and national security staff. The New York Times reported on Trump’s unwillingness to give up the phone in January, and in the weeks since, Trump has issued tweet after tweet tagged as “Twitter for Android.” In one picture from […]

Steps to Remove Bloatware from Android Phone

Ever heard of bloatware? Basically, it’s unwanted software on your phone or gadget. The useless apps preinstalled on your phone by the manufacturers? Yeah, that’s it! It may be an eyesore and makes it difficult to find the apps you do use, plus it takes up a LOT of your phone’s storage space and battery […]