GR Pick: The Simpsons Play Pokemon GO

Fox releases a new video showing The Simpsons hopping onto the Pokemon GO craze. Between playing the app and being a responsible parent, Homer’s choice is obvious. The world seems to have ignited in Pokemon GO fever ever since the application launched two weeks ago, and it hasn’t taken long for popular media to play its part with […]

Coinbase hits top spot on Apple’s US App Store despite struggling to handle bitcoin demand

Ignoring recent price rises for a second, if you can — there’s no greater sign of bitcoin fever than an app that lets you buy the cryptocurrency becoming the most downloaded app in the App Store. That’s exactly what happened on Thursday when Coinbase, the $1.6-billion-valued company behind what is arguably the world’s best-known exchange for […]

Flappy Bird Developer Releases New Game

Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen releases a new free to play mobile game called Ninja Spinki Challenges!! in which players guide a little ninja through a series of difficult challenges. While Pokemon GO is a huge success and King’s Candy Crush Saga continues to dominate the market, it wasn’t so long ago that the mobile […]

Disney Movies Anywhere DRM system severs ties with Microsoft Movies & TV

Disney movies purchased through Microsoft Movies & TV can no longer be added to Disney Movies Anywhere, but why? Proprietary digital rights systems are complex beasts, and Disney’s Movies Anywhere effectively doubles that complexity by letting users buy its movies through various digital outlets and “stored” in a Disney digital locker system – dubbed KeyChest […]

Where to Find All the Hidden Coins

Since its launch, Cuphead has earned a reputation of being an ultra difficult platformer, with some even comparing it to the Dark Souls franchise. Considering this, gamers will need every edge they can get in order to beat all of its stages and bosses. Luckily, there are ways to make the game easier, like making a […]