How to Get Dratini – Game Rant

Unlike other Pokemon games where players catch Pokemon with Pokeballs, Pokemon are captured in Pokemon Quest by luring them to base camp with specific food items. Prior to heading out on expeditions, players are able to throw ingredients into cooking pots, and when the food is finished, it will attract Pokemon of certain colors to camp. One […]

A mobile take on the iconic franchise

Pokemon Quest, the latest game in the ever-popular Pokemon franchise, is now available as a free-to-play Android and iOS game. Although it came out a full month earlier on the Nintendo Switch, it’s clearly a more of a mobile game rather than a console game (or even a traditional Pokemon game, for that matter). For […]

Quiz: How smart is your home?

Home automation is rapidly filling up gaps we didn’t realize were there in our living rooms and daily lives. From smart light bulbs to voice assistants, the term “smart home” is being thrown about more and more in general conversation as people talk about the latest gadget they’ve purchased for their living room… What we’d like […]