Where to Find All the Hidden Coins

Since its launch, Cuphead has earned a reputation of being an ultra difficult platformer, with some even comparing it to the Dark Souls franchise. Considering this, gamers will need every edge they can get in order to beat all of its stages and bosses. Luckily, there are ways to make the game easier, like making a […]

Cuphead’s Achievements List Gets Revealed

It’s been a painful wait for many Xbox One owners, but Cuphead is finally on the brink of release. The indie run-and-gun shooter immediately gained the interest of gamers due to its art style, which makes the game look like a 1930s cartoon, and after several years in development the release date for Cuphead was […]

Overwatch Forums Glitch Out, Reveals Hidden Message From Sombra

Overwatch‘s mysterious new character Sombra has dropped a mysterious new message, this time in the form of a ‘glitch’ over at the Blizzard forums. Ever since Blizzard announced that new post-launch characters will be coming to Overwatch, the community has been following every tidbit of information that’s been dropped about these new heroes. The only new […]

7 Hidden Features in Windows 10

style=”display:block” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6830082075718194″ data-ad-slot=”1132902868″ data-ad-format=”auto”/> I think you’ve got Windows 10 OS installed on your PC. That’s why you are reading this. After much articles on Windows 10, I thought to write something different for my readers. Microsoft’s Cortana has more to do now in this OS. But the fact is there are many other hidden […]

6 Hidden iPhone X Features You Need To Know

Michael Grothaus 19/12/2017 – 4:13pm Are YOU using the iPhone X to its fullest? I’ve written before how surprised I was about just how good of a phone the iPhone X is. I was one of the naysayers who dismissed it as too little too late when it was unveiled, but upon actually holding and […]

8 Hidden Features Of macOS Mojave You Need To Know!

Michael Grothaus 08/06/2018 – 3:29pm The Mac’s operating system has tons of great stuff coming. This week Apple previewed the next version of its Mac operating system: macOS Mojave. The OS update brings a ton of big changes to the Mac, including a dark mode, a redesigned Finder, new apps like News and Voice Memos, […]

Vivo Nex S – CLEAR Edition! – Hidden Camera Exposed – Youtube

The Vivo Nex S is about to be opened up from the inside. Its time to see how that hidden camera smartphone from Vivo work, and expose the insides for all to see. This is probably one of the coolest clear smartphones ive ever made. Right up there with the OnePlus 6. Vivo has made […]