Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Director Shares Why He Recruited Kingdom Hearts Director

Legendary character designer and Director of the Kingdom Hearts franchise Tetsuya Nomura is lending his talents to the upcoming RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Nomura, who is currently directing both Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, is also designing characters in the Monolith Soft sequel. The official Japanese Twitter account for Xenoblade Chronicles […]

How to Use Messenger without Facebook Account

Facebook has the largest amount of 900 million account till the date. Its official app forces users to use messenger separately. It allows sending text messages, emoticons, GIFs, stickers, audio messages, video sharing, audio and video calling. Actually, there are so many benefits of using it. But, everyone isn’t using two different apps with the […]

How to disable or delete your WhatsApp account

Deleting an account on WhatsApp This option is valid for those who want to remove their account from active service. If you choose to delete it, contacts, chat history, and all past activities will be deleted from WhatsApp, including any pending backups. Basically, all of these will disappear: WhatsApp groups and contacts Message history Any […]

BioWare Creative Director Says Dragon Age 4 is Not Confirmed

When fans of the beloved Dragon Age franchise caught word that studio BioWare was working on a new Dragon Age game, chaos and excitement ensued. But now, those dreams have seemingly been dashed to a slight degree. Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw has stated that Dragon Age 4 isn’t definitively set in stone just yet. It began on Twitter, when a Dragon Age fan […]