The Enemy Within Releases Trailer for Episode 2

This past summer, Telltale announced a second season of its Batman adaptation, dubbed The Enemy Within. The series got underway quicker than some might have expected, with the first installment debuting in August — and now the studio has dropped a trailer for the upcoming second episode. The clip features many of the secondary characters […]

5 Gaming Easter Eggs That Took Years to Find

In the early 1980s, 15 year old Atari 2600 owner Adam Clayton discovered what is widely considered to be one of gaming’s first Easter eggs. By completing an obscure task in the Atari 2600 game Adventure, Clayton found text that said “Created by Warren Robinett,” which was a means for Robinett to claim credit for the […]

10 Best Open World Games

10 Best Open World Games – In recent years, one of the most popular genres has been open world games. Inspired by the success of series like Grand Theft Auto and The Elder Scrolls, there have been numerous new IP set in sprawling open worlds, along with new entries in established franchises that have morphed into open world […]

Human pilot beats AI in drone race – TechCrunch

Anything you can do, AI can do better. Eventually. On October 12, NASA put on its own demonstration, pitting an AI-piloted racing drone against world-renowned drone pilot Ken Loo. Researchers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who have spent the last two years working on drone autonomy (which was funded by Google), built three custom drones […]