Crunch Report | GoPro Releases The Hero 6 Black – TechCrunch

Today’s Stories  Ikea has bought TaskRabbit Aston Martin’s limited edition submarine is totally my next car GoPro’s Hero6 Black launches today for $499 Credits Written by: Tito Hamze, John MannesHosted by: Tito HamzeFilmed by: Tito HamzeEdited by: Joe Zolnoski Notes: I don’t know what to wear on Crunch Report (It’s a hard decision and I suck […]

GoPro Hero 6 Black review: Superb quality, but you pay for it

Who needs an action camera these days? That’s the question I found myself asking while testing GoPro’s latest Hero 6 Black. With modern smartphones now so good at shooting video and taking pictures, and also becoming more resistant to the elements, the number of people for whom action devices are appropriate (or attractive) appears to […]

Why is Black Friday so important to fans of high technology?

Anyone who is passionate about high technology will have heard about Black Friday. For those who are not familiar with it, Black Friday is the day where high-tech devices are available at reduced prices. With the specter of Christmas looming, this is a great chance to get your holiday shopping done at a lower than standard price. Where […]

Apps on Sale this Black Friday

You can get a lot of stuff for cheap on Black Friday — including apps! Black Friday is arguably the biggest sale day of the year — all your favorite stuff is deeply discounted, and that’s not limited to merchandise. Many developers will put their apps on sale, so you can get top-quality paid apps […]

Slap an epic score on your videos with Moodelizer

When it comes to video, the audio is pretty damn important. Hell, they even give out some sort of award for getting it right on occasion. Moodelizer wants to put the power of suitable soundtracks in the hands of amateur filmmakers, by letting you add a delightfully over-the-top soundtrack to the most mundane of tasks at […]