Samsung Galaxy X – A New Breakthrough? – Youtube

Samsung Galaxy X may be a new breakthrough.Samsung has been working on foldable displays for a number of years, and the Korean giant might finally, be ready to showcase its first completely flexible Smartphone in 2018.Visit Our Website- This is a concept of the first foldable phone from Samsung, that is, the Samsung Galaxy X […]

Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Happening BEFORE MWC 2018

Richard Goodwin 15/11/2017 – 10:44am The Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch earlier than before, meaning a debut prior to MWC 2018 inside Q1… The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Samsung’s next big launch and, according to reports, it is happening sooner than expected. Word on the street suggests that Samsung, given the success Apple is having […]

Brak Action Memo w aplikacji Samsung Notes w Note7, użytkownicy zawiedzeni. Co na to Samsung?

    Jak wiadomo, w swoim najnowszym flagowcu Samsung zrezygnował z aplikacji S Note na rzecz nowej (i podobno lepszej) Samsung Notes. Niestety, okazało się, że nie zawiera ona funkcji Action Memo, bardzo lubianej przez konsumentów. Notatka z akcji była często używana przez użytkowników serii Note wcześniej. Pozwalała na korzystanie z inteligentnego wykrywania numerów […]

Samsung Galaxy S8: what features do you want to see?

Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge are incredibly popular smartphones and despite a wobbly end to 2016 for the company, we’re excited to look ahead at what 2017 might hold for us. One of the expected highlights will be the Galaxy S8, if 2016 is anything to judge by. Samsung Galaxy S8 concepts that surfaced early in […]

Do you still trust Samsung smartphones?

The debacle with the Galaxy Note 7 has left deep scars. Not just financially, but the reputation of Samsung’s products has also been tarnished as a result of the incident. In a recent survey, over 30 percent of current Samsung users would never again buy a new smartphone from the brand. We want to know […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Coming January 2019

Paul Briden 09/05/2018 – 3:45pm The Galaxy S10 will debut in January next year, while the Galaxy X folding phone will come to MWC 2019 Korean news sources claim that Samsung is prepping to launch a Galaxy S10 flagship in January 2019. The reports also allege that MWC 2019, which takes place in February, will […]

Samsung Pay now supports Discover cards

Samsung Pay now supports Discover cards – Discover card shoppers can finally use their credit card with Samsung Pay on their phones, two years after the credit card company announced that the card would come to the system. A customer service representative for Discover confirmed that customers can now add their cards to Samsung Pay. Samsung […]