Wildlands’ New Trailer Is All About the Music

The video game publisher and developer Ubisoft releases a brand new trailer for its forthcoming title Ghost Recon: Wildlands that focuses on the game’s music. As of late, the developers for Ghost Recon: Wildlands have been readily promoting the game with plenty of action from the title, such as the recently released Operation Skydive gameplay […]

Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review Roundup

The review embargo on Ghost Recon: Wildlands has lifted, and critics are beginning to offer their analysis of whether Ubisoft’s latest open world adventure is a worthy return for the squad-based offshoot of the Tom Clancy franchise. The game hits shelves tomorrow, but many players might have already made their minds up for themselves. A […]

Wildlands Shows Off Predator Challenge Combat, Rewards

Just yesterday, Ubisoft hinted at a Predator crossover event coming to the tactical team-based shooter Ghost Recon: Wildlands called “The Hunt” with the release of a brief teaser clip featuring the titular extraterrestrial warrior making short work of several hapless soldiers lost in the jungle. Now, the publisher and developer has decided to give fans […]

Call of Duty, Destiny 2 Top PS4 Downloads for 2017

As if it need to be said, both Call of Duty: WW2 and Destiny 2 were two of the most highly anticipated games to launch last year, with first-person shooter fans showing up in droves to play the titles upon release. Now, Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed the sequels’ popularity on its current generation console […]