What is Face ID and how does Face ID work?

Apple no longer wants you to unlock your iPhone with touch. With the iPhone X, it’s all about your face. Face ID was the standout feature of the iPhone X, and one that differentiates it from the iPhone 8 range and anything that’s come before. It’s Apple’s latest biometric authentication system and works using a […]

How to change your Apple Watch face

How do you switch the watch face on your Apple Watch? Easily! With just a swipe, you can change your Apple Watch from chronograph to color, modular to utility, Mickey or Minnie Mouse to simple, motion to solar, astronomy to… you get the idea. Each has a different density and character, a different capacity for […]

Let’s face it: biometry is a bad idea

Why biometry is a bad idea – The iris scanner on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Face ID on the iPhone X and the fingerprint scanner on every smartphone all suffer from the same flaw: Biometry isn’t secure. You have one face, two eyes and ten fingerprints which can’t be changed if compromised, at least not as […]

The Jaguar F-Pace has the face of a wildcat

Contemporary car design is art, science, and technology. To parse through the marketing hype and sensory overload, I focus on fine bits of automotive design, to find just one thing that makes a vehicle look extraordinary. It’s no small feat to make a typical flat-faced sport utility vehicle look fantastic. That’s what makes the Jaguar F-Pace a standout crossover. […]

Social media companies need to step up or face regulation

Top executives from Facebook and Twitter appeared before members of Congress on Capitol Hill to answer questions about their platforms from lawmakers and discuss the issues of fake news and foreign influence on American politics. Notably, Google was absent from these Senate Intelligence Committee hearing yesterday. Could regulation be in the cards to force some accountability? Here’s […]