The difference between good and bad Facebooking

“Social media” is a clumsy term that entangles enriching social interaction with mindless media consumption. It’s a double-edged sword whose sides aren’t properly distinguished. Taken as a whole, we can’t decide if it “brings the world closer together” like Facebook’s new mission statement says, or leaves us depressed and isolated. It does both, but our […]

Facebook pivots into Stories | TechCrunch

In its biggest change in a decade, Facebook is evolving from text and link-focused sharing to the visual communication format it admits “Snapchat has really pioneered.” Starting today, all users will soon have access to the new Facebook Camera feature that lets them overlay special effects on photos and videos. They can then share this […]

How ad-free subscriptions could solve Facebook

At the core of Facebook’s “well-being” problem is that its business is directly coupled with total time spent on its apps. The more hours you pass on the social network, the more ads you see and click, the more money it earns. That puts its plan to make using Facebook healthier at odds with its […]

Why Should You Use Facebook Lite on Android Phone

Facebook has another new android app called facebook Lite. You can get it from Google Play Store. It is a version of Facebook built scratch. This app runs smoothly with poor network connection even on 2G. Even you have got a smartphone with lower quality; you can use this facebook Lite on your android phone. Is […]

Facebook video pays off

Mark Zuckerberg’s drive to “put video first” is also putting money in Facebook’s pockets. The more organic videos Facebook users watch, the more high-priced video ads Facebook can slip into the feed. Now Facebook’s strategy around auto-play video, paying Live content producers and offering more creative tools is helping to propel its massive revenue growth. Facebook […]

Znamy listę telefonów, które otrzymają W10M Anniversary Update

W najbliższych dniach udostępniona zostanie pierwsza duża aktualizacja dla systemu Windows 10 Mobile, zwana Anniversary Update. Sporo osób zadaje sobie pytanie czy wszystkie wspierane telefony Lumia otrzymają dalsze wsparcie Microsoft? W ostatnich dniach, szczególnie po opóźnieniu terminu aktualizacji, w komentarzach narasta sceptycyzm i pesymizm, spowodowany brakiem jakichkolwiek oficjalnych komunikatów ze strony Microsoft. W zasadzie to […]

[Grudzień 2016] Gdzie najtaniej kupić telefony z Windows 10 Mobile?

Staramy się na bieżąco informować Was o najnowszych promocjach związanych z telefonami z systemem Windows. Tym razem postanowiłem zebrać z rynku najlepsze, grudniowe oferty z największych sklepów z elektroniką. Efekt mojej pracy znajdziecie poniżej. Zapraszam do przejrzenia najlepszych cen dla telefonów z systemem Windows 10 Mobile oraz dla akcesoriów. Lumia 550 [Avans] Lumia 550 biała w […]