React on Facebook Posts with Donald Trump’s Many Moods

Reaction Packs for Facebook, Donald Trump Face Moods, Donald Trump Reaction Packs for Facebook – Last year, Facebook launched a new feature “Facebook retractions“. I think almost everyone has noticed it. You can now express your reaction on any post as Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Grateful, Sad and Angry etc. In the other hand, Donald Trump is a burning name all over […]

Facebook oraz Messenger kończy wsparcie dla telefonów z Windows Phone

Facebook poinformował oficjalnie na swoim blogu o końcu wsparcia dla starszych wersji aplikacji Facebook oraz Messenger. Na liście niewspieranych aplikacji obok wersji dla systemów Android oraz iOS znalazły się również systemy Windows Phone 8 oraz Windows Phone 8.1. Już za kilka dni deweloper zakończy wsparcie dla tych systemów. Wraz z końcem marca przestaną być wspierane […]

Facebook partners with Fandango to sell movie tickets

If a movie catches your eye on Facebook, you might soon be able to buy tickets without ever leaving the app. Facebook has partnered with Fandango to begin selling movie tickets right on a film’s Facebook page. It’s starting this weekend in the US with just a few titles, including The Magnificent Seven, Storks, and Kevin […]

Facebook Events app comes to Android

Facebook’s standalone Events app that launched in October on iOS is launching on Android today. The app will go live on Google Play soon. The Facebook Events app helps you browse nearby happenings, see the dates of your upcoming Facebook Events as well as imported calendars and aggregates wall posts and alerts from Events to […]

Facebook takes on Twitch with a new game streaming exclusive

Starting today, Facebook is adding an exclusive new partnership to its Facebook Live video streaming platform, which pits it right up against Twitch and Google’s YouTube Gaming. Agreeing to a deal with Germany’s ESL One e-sports tournament organizer, Facebook will be the exclusive home of live streams of Dota 2 and CS:GO competitions run by […]

Facebook will no longer allow third-party data for targeting ads

Facebook announced today that it’s disabling a form of advertising targeting called Partner Categories, which allowed prominent third-party data aggregators like Experian and Acxiom to provide clients with offline data like purchasing activity to inform ad targeting. The move comes amid the fallout from the ongoing Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, and it follows similar […]

Ogłoszenia Facebook Marketplace debiutują w Polsce

Facebook wprowadził w ostatnim czasie nową usługę Marketplace dla użytkowników w Polsce. Dzięki Facebook Marketplace możemy wyszukiwać, sprzedawać oraz kupować za pośrednictwem portalu społecznościowego. Nowa usługa to konkurencja dla innych platform zakupowych takich jak Allegro czy OLX. Usługa wystartowała w październiku zeszłego roku na zagranicznych rynkach. Na przełomie listopada i grudnia tego roku została udostępniona […]

How to Use Messenger without Facebook Account

Facebook has the largest amount of 900 million account till the date. Its official app forces users to use messenger separately. It allows sending text messages, emoticons, GIFs, stickers, audio messages, video sharing, audio and video calling. Actually, there are so many benefits of using it. But, everyone isn’t using two different apps with the […]