Resident Evil 7 Season Pass Details Revealed

Resident Evil 7, in many ways, is a return to form for one of Capcom’s oldest and most beloved franchises. Resident Evil 7 might not feature the same emphasis on zombies and pandemics that has colored many of the series’ earlier entries, but it is, at its core, a Capcom-made Resident Evil. Capcom’s latest instalment in the […]

Resident Evil Code Veronica X Coming to PS4

Resident Evil Code Veronica X – PlayStation 4 is turning back the clock and adding yet another retro game to its library of PlayStation 2 originals. Capcom has announced that Resident Evil Code Veronica X will launch for PlayStation 4 this week as part of the console’s PS2 Classics collection. The news broke on the official Resident Evil Twitter account, where […]

Will the Resident Evil 2 Remake Be First-Person?

A couple of years ago, after numerous petitions and a ton of fan demand, Capcom finally announced plans to create a Resident Evil 2 remake. Capcom has shared very little concrete information since the game’s announcement, but a potential leak may at least reveal whether the Resident Evil 2 remake is third-person like the original or if […]

Resident Evil Social Media Logos Teasing an Announcement?

About a week ago, eagle-eyed fans discovered that Capcom’s Japanese website for the Resident Evil series was updated to reflect a fresh placeholder for a project that for the time being has simply been labeled “Biohazard“–the name of the franchise in Japan–indicating that a potential new project could be unveiled soon. Now, some fans are […]