Here's a smartphone that would make a fortune in Vegas!

”Unlucky in gambling but lucky in love”. Perhaps – but winning a game is good too. This is what some Chinese developers thought, so to ensure the odds were in their favor when playing cards they decided … to cheat! With some clever card tampering and the use of a smartphone they found a way to guarantee victory. […]

[Film] Biały Xiaomi Mi Mix na targach CES i pół godziny przypominania o wszystkich (!) swoich produktach

  Konferencja Xiaomi na targach CES w Las Vegas rozpoczęła się o 20 naszego czasu. Trwała nieco ponad godzinę, ale to wystarczyło Chińczykom, aby pokazać niemalże całe swoje portfolio, które zostało zaprezentowane przez ostatni rok, więc nie mogło zabraknąć topowych smartfonów, dronów, rowerów, okularów wirtualnej rzeczywistości czy też urządzenia do gotowania ryżu.   Jednak do […]

Yes, CES 2018 will be exciting

The end of the year celebrations have wrapped up and CES is right around the corner. Some say the show has been less interesting for the general public in recent years, but the situation could be different this year with many surprises, including smartphones, TVs, IoT and artificial intelligence. Winter has arrived, and though the […]

Nokia introduces a new sleep sensor that works with IFTTT

Nokia’s health division, which is the result of the Withings acquisition, is announcing some new stuff at CES in Las Vegas. First, there’s a new sleep sensor called Nokia Sleep. In addition to monitoring your sleep, the device can help you trigger actions using IFTTT when you fall asleep and wake up. Withings already had […]

Halo soars again and H1Z1 takes esports to the desert

Microsoft’s Halo World Championship has now come to an end and from the perspective of fans, players and organizers alike, it was nothing but a total success. As the dust settles on Seattle we take a look back at the grand finals, and look ahead towards some big events taking place this coming weekend in […]