How to access ‘Mixed reality’ settings on Windows 10

It’s possible to add or remove the “Mixed reality” section in the Settings app, and in this guide, we’ll tell you how to do it. Starting with the Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft introduced Windows Mixed Reality, which allows capable devices to run virtual reality (VR) as well as augmented reality (AR) applications experiences. However, […]

How to Change DNS Settings in Android Devices

Do you have an android phone or tablet? Have you ever felt necessity to change DNS addresses in android? May be yes or may be not. Normal users don’t know about it much. But, If you are a smart user of smartphone, You probably have felt the necessity of it. Most of us know how […]

Sideload Google Play Store – Install Google Play Store to Balckberry 10

Blackberry Google, Google Account, Sideload BB10, Sideload Google Play Store, Install Google Play Store to Balckberry 10, Google Play Services For Blackberry Z10 – Follow our tutorial to install the Google Play Store to your BlackBerry 10 phone. Download the Play Store and install Android apps to your BB10 device. Compatible BlackBerry 10 Devices BlackBerry must […]

Google's 4 MAJOR Google Assistant Updates Detailed

12/10/2018 – 10:52am There’s quite a few new Google Assistant features coming to Android, Google Home, and other Assistant-powered devices Google has been beavering away on Google Assistant for a good couple of years now, adding in new features, improving its AI, and bundling it inside more devices and form factors. Fresh off the back […]