Google Home UK Voice Calling Incoming!

Paul Briden 07/03/2018 – 12:58pm Google Home devices in the UK will finally get voice calling this week Google Home smart speakers have had hands-free voice-calling functionality in the US for a while now, but the feature has been absent for users in the UK. That’s soon going to change, according to new information. The […]

Google Voice Kit review – Android Authority

Google recently launched its Assistant API for the Raspberry Pi, and a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how to build your own digital assistant with a Raspberry Pi. My instructions were based in part on the “Voice Kit”, a hardware and software solution which demonstrates how to get a natural language recognizer up and running […]

Smartphone batteries: searching for the new lithium

Smartphones and other electronic devices have evolved enormously over the past few years, and so too have their batteries. Lithium batteries dominate the market, and are by far the most frequently used batteries for most electronic devices. That said, researchers have spent a long time looking for an alternative to lithium, and for good reason.  Everything is becoming wireless, […]