Super Mario 64 Hack Lets You Play in First Person

There’s a hack that allows those bold enough to play Super Mario 64 in first person. Of course, it’s just a disorienting as one would expect. YouTuber Kaze Emanuar showcases the hack in a video, where they demonstrate basic controls and offer advice on how to best control Mario now that it’s impossible to see […]

Apple launched investigation into Bloomberg’s China hack claims, ‘found nothing’

Apple reportedly launched a wide-reaching internal investigation into an explosive report claiming Chinese spies compromised its servers in what boils down to a complex supply chain hack, but came up empty in its examination.  Citing multiple high-ranking Apple executives who spoke on the matter anonymously, BuzzFeed News reports the company conducted a “massive, granular, and […]

Here’s how easy it is to hack Donald Trump’s phone

Donald Trump is still tweeting from his Android phone, despite the best efforts of his aides and national security staff. The New York Times reported on Trump’s unwillingness to give up the phone in January, and in the weeks since, Trump has issued tweet after tweet tagged as “Twitter for Android.” In one picture from […]

DuckDuckGo’s Search Traffic is EXPLODING

Richard Goodwin 30/09/2018 – 9:49am It’s still MILES behind Google, but the future’s looking bright for the web’s best alternative search engine… DuckDuckGo is all about privacy. It doesn’t track you or sell your data, unlike Google and Bing. Not only that but it now also works on all major platforms – including iOS and Android. […]

Snapchat zmierza w kierunku telefonów z systemem Windows 10 Mobile

Wygląda na to, że już niebawem kolejna aplikacja uzupełni lukę w Sklepie Windows. Hiszpański oddział Microsoft Lumia potwierdził, że firma jest w trakcie rozmów z producentem aplikacji Snapchat i już wkrótce oficjalna aplikacja będzie dostępna dla telefonów z systemem Windows 10 Mobile. @GalnRodolfo ¡Pronto llegara a tu Windows Phone! Ya estamos trabajando con nuestros amigos […]