Hangouts closing down: what is dead can never die

Even just beginning to understand Google’s Hangouts strategy is a challenge. Hangouts, Messenger, Allo and Duo all coexist, are officially installed onto a billion devices, but are only actively used by a small minority of users. Seeing as Google only secretly pre-installed Hangouts onto the Pixel smartphones and just recently decided to shut down the […]

WhatsApp Fixer For BlackBerry 10

WhatsFixer for BlackBerry, whatappfixer blackberry, whatapp fixer, whatsfixer apk – First of All After a long time I am writing post Sorry for delays, But I think this post worth writing as Many are having trouble with WhatsApp on their BlackBerry 10 Devices. As of WhatsApp Blog 1 Billion people are using WhatsApp or may be more I think. That’s nearly […]

How to Capture Desktop Screen with YouTube

How to Capture Desktop Screen with YouTube by Fatima Qureshi/ October 9, 2016/ Tips & Tricks/ style=”display:block” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6830082075718194″ data-ad-slot=”1132902868″ data-ad-format=”auto”/> YouTube has become an important asset in everyone’s life. It has all our life hacks compiled there in different videos by different people. Anyone who has any information uses YouTube to pass it on to […]

Chat is Google’s answer to fix text messaging

Close your eyes and think about what you’d like Google to be working on right now. I don’t know what madcap ideas you came up with in the gap between the last sentence and this one, but it’s unlikely to have “improving text messaging.” Still, if it was: good news! Google is working on improving SMS […]

Everyone with Allo or what? Why is Google fumbling about with six different messengers…?!

Google’s product manager, Brenden Mulligan, attempted to present Google’s messenger strategy in a graph, later adding that it is merely the strategy for multi-platform messengers. This addendum will be important. Google’s messaging strategy, simplified. — Brenden Mulligan (@mulligan) 9. März 2017 It doesn’t look too difficult to understand: Chat and Meet are for the […]

Sideload Google Play Store – Install Google Play Store to Balckberry 10

Blackberry Google, Google Account, Sideload BB10, Sideload Google Play Store, Install Google Play Store to Balckberry 10, Google Play Services For Blackberry Z10 – Follow our tutorial to install the Google Play Store to your BlackBerry 10 phone. Download the Play Store and install Android apps to your BB10 device. Compatible BlackBerry 10 Devices BlackBerry must […]

20 Gmail Tips and Tricks You 100% Need To Know

Michael Grothaus 10/04/2018 – 3:13pm Take your Gmailing to the next level with these helpful Gmail tips and tricks Gmail is among one of the most popular email services in the world. It’s fair to say Gmail is to the 21st century what Hotmail was to the 20th century. That means there’s a good chance […]

Five new things you can do with Google Earth

Earlier this week, Google unveiled a new version of Google Earth, an app that was considered amazing when it launched in 2001 but hadn’t really evolved in the same way that Google’s other technologies have. Now, thanks to this latest update, Google Earth is replete with 3D imagery, curated video content, and other features that […]