Twitter for iOS gets ‘night mode’ support

Twitter is rolling out night mode to users of its official iOS app, the company announced today. Night mode turns Twitter’s dark-text-on-light-background interface upside down, giving a darker look that should be easier to read at night or in dimmer indoor environments. The night mode feature first came to Twitter’s official Android app starting in […]

🎶 Can’t wear Snap sunglasses at night 🎶

Unless you plan on bumping into stuff, don’t expect to record after-dark concerts and parties on your Snap Inc Spectacles. The company formerly known as Snapchat (they really should have just changed it to the 👻 emoji, Prince-style) confirms to me its new camera glasses are not currently built to be worn at night. Their lenses […]

How to take photos at night with your smartphone

Why low light is a problem – How to take photos at night with your smartphone For starters, here’s some background on physical and technical aspects of why taking a photo in the dark is so difficult. As I already mentioned in the intro: size is the problem. The light-sensitive area in most sensors that are integrated […]

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is Delayed

In a new development update video for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, project leader Koji Igarashi announces that the game will be delayed until the first half of 2018. Following the departure of Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi – aka IGA –  from Konami in 2014, fans were wondering what the esteemed developer would do next. This question was answered […]

A Dark Web marketplace is down and users suspect foul play

AlphaBay Market, one of the Dark Web’s largest markets for drugs, guns, and other illegal paraphernalia, has been shut down since midnight Tuesday night. Although the site is sometimes down for maintenance, the site’s admins have yet to comment on the downtime, leading some to speculate that the market may have disappeared for good. There’s […]