How to disable or delete your WhatsApp account

Deleting an account on WhatsApp This option is valid for those who want to remove their account from active service. If you choose to delete it, contacts, chat history, and all past activities will be deleted from WhatsApp, including any pending backups. Basically, all of these will disappear: WhatsApp groups and contacts Message history Any […]

How to delete data from Android apps and PC

Here’s the best ways to delete data and search history from apps. / © ANDROIDPIT How to clear data stored by Google Play services If you’re concerned about privacy, or just want to free up a little space, it’s a good idea to clear out your caches from time to time. It’s handy to be […]

How To Download And Delete Your Amazon Data

Michael Grothaus 02/05/2018 – 1:03pm The tech giant has tons of info about you. Facebook and Google aren’t the only tech giants with a ton of data on you –though admittedly, they are probably the ones that know the most about you. That being said, Amazon is probably near the tops of the list as […]

Delete or Rename Software Distribution Folder on Windows

style=”display:block” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6830082075718194″ data-ad-slot=”1132902868″ data-ad-format=”auto”/> When it comes to updates, Windows has folders that are specifically for the storing of such files used to upgrade your PC. The Software Distribution folder is one of these files. It is located in the Windows Directory, where it temporarily stores files used for updating Windows software. This means that […]

How to Delete All Items from Outlook Calendar at Once

Outlook calendar is a popular service from Microsoft. It is really helpful. But, Sometimes so many tasks in your calendar can create so many notifications. It is so much annoying. There is a way to stop these notifications. You may know it. But, Among you, There are some users who really want to delete all items and […]

How To Delete Apple ID

Need to bin your Apple ID account? Follow these steps If you run Apple devices and content from inside Apple’s ecosystem, your Apple ID is basically your key to the kingdom. However, there are some occasions where you might want to delete an Apple ID; perhaps you’ve ended up with multiple accounts by mistake and […]

How to Deactivate and Delete a Twitter Account

Tweeting is one of an overwhelmed thing for some users.  It’s a great tool to keep you informed and entertained.  Are you done with your twitter account? Well, it can be your need to take a permanent break from social online drama. If you have made your mind to delete your account then you have […]

How to Delete Instagram Account

You want to delete your Instagram account. So, you’re here! Deleting Instagram means you’re removing all of your information, contents, and data. The process is complicated whether it’s on your computer or mobile device to delete the account. Even though Instagram is celebrating 500 million users milestone but everyone doesn’t want to stay with it. […]