Why the HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro’s NPU is the future of smartphone AI

Androids going rogue, all-powerful sentient networks causing global Armageddon – the picture painted hasn’t always been a positive one. With AI becoming a practical reality in recent years, however, the real-world outlook is, luckily, a lot more positive. Today, AI-powered algorithms can recognise your voice and respond in real time. They can translate foreign languages […]

Download and install the latest Google Play Services free

Google Play Services is an application that very closely linked to the Android system itself that allows your smartphone to benefit from the latest versions of applications and security patches without upgrading to the latest version of Android. Despite the confusing names, this is distinct from the Google Play Store where one can access, buy, and download media such as […]

How to install Linux distros properly on Windows 10

Are you getting errors installing Linux distros on Windows 10? In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to fix this issue. Starting with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is making some Linux distros, including Ubuntu, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, and OpenSUSE Leap 42 available in the Windows […]

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus review

Huawei P10 and P10 Plus review – Unfortunately, in terms of the attention it will get, the Huawei P10 is likely to play second fiddle to the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the next iPhone, and Google’s new Pixel phones. This is a crime, because both the P10 and P10 Plus are phones that should put Huawei on […]