Apple removes Alex Jones podcasts from iTunes for hate speech

Apple has removed a number of podcasts created by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his InfoWars site from the Podcasts app and iTunes store. The decision to remove the content comes as Facebook also censures Jones, un-publishing four of the radio host’s pages this morning for violating the social network’s rules against hate speech. Apple […]

How to change ringtone on iPhone with and without iTunes

Take a walk down a busy street and you’ll hear the same chipper tones of the trademark Opening ringtone playing out from every single person’s iPhone.  Where have the days of the early 2000s gone, where people used to change their ringtones every week? Or even the 1990s when people programmed in their own ringtones? There […]

How To Delete Apple ID

Need to bin your Apple ID account? Follow these steps If you run Apple devices and content from inside Apple’s ecosystem, your Apple ID is basically your key to the kingdom. However, there are some occasions where you might want to delete an Apple ID; perhaps you’ve ended up with multiple accounts by mistake and […]

How to See Devices Associated With Your Apple ID

style=”display: block;” data-ad-client=”ca-pub-6830082075718194″ data-ad-slot=”1132902868″ data-ad-format=”auto”>How to See Devices Associated With Your Apple ID – Owning an Apple device holds many advantages for users, and it isn’t just because of its modern and sleek design! With hundreds of features you are able to take advantage of, it’s definitely the brand with gadgets that hold promise. Millions […]

Apple HomePOD WILL NOT Support Spotify Natively

Richard Goodwin 02/02/2018 – 9:46am $349 and it doesn’t support Spotify natively. This could be a problem for Apple’s incoming HomePod speaker Apple’s HomePod speaker goes on sale on February 9, and while the company has kept much of the details about the device secret, we now know what music services it will support at […]